The now-viral video shows Tara Katims exploring Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, and Kerala; she warns viewers about high pollution levels in Delhi.

US travel vlogger's slum visit in India goes viralUS travel vlogger’s slum visit in India goes viral

A video of a US travel vlogger Tara Katims’s India tour has sparked a debate on social media after she portrayed a contrasting perspective of the country during her visits to monuments, local markets, hotels, and slums.

The now-viral video shows Katims exploring Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, and Kerala along with another woman. It begins with the woman warning viewers about the significant danger and high pollution levels in Delhi. She then proceeds to share her experience visiting the Taj Mahal. Additionally, she advises viewers to wear white shoes, cautioning that they could easily be “run over” by tuk-tuk (e-rickshaws) any moment.

As the video progresses, the vlogger talks about a Mumbai slum tour and tells viewers how it was her favourite tour as the hosts were respectful. The video ends with her visiting Kerala and announcing that the South of India is “truly magical.”

Watch the viral video here:

Soon after the video came to light, several users slammed the vlogger over her ‘slum tour’. However, a section of social media users agreed with her perspective of India. A user commented, “I live in India and you are absolutely right. We have very poor infrastructure, they dig same road 250 times for pipeline work.” Another user wrote, “What’s wrong with her?”

“Why are you so poor that you could only afford to visit such parts of Mumbai,” the third user reacted. “Shame on you. Why don’t you mention how British and other colonial people looted country so badly and responsible for such situation. Why you want a fame for filming or watching poorness of people. They are happy with their life they don’t want attention from heartless people,” another user commented.

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According to, Tara Katims travelled to India last year and filmed her experiences in different cities.

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