After sharing a TikTok video about Mumbai’s slums, an American influencer has come under fire on social media, many people are criticizing her for being “tone-deaf” and “insensitive.” The popular travel writer Tara Katims visited India last year and wrote about her experiences. A guide who used to live in the slums and now hosts experiences on Airbnb showed the 24-year-old India’s biggest slum in Mumbai which is “Dharavi“.

Jitendra, who says he has led tours for over 1000 people in the region, leads the ‘Dharavi slum tour’ listed on Airbnb, which costs 6 euros ($10.80).

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The influencer shared her experience

The influencer added in the video that she was “so nervous but so glad” that she took the trip and that travelers should think about doing it if they are ever in Mumbai. Not only that, but she added that seeing the slums is her favorite part of traveling to India.

The influencer talked about how people live in Mumbai

”The truth is, this is how most people in Mumbai live, but tourists simply travel to India and only see the beautiful portions,” the influencer stated.

A lot of people expressed their disgust and criticism at the idea of a “slum tour” on the internet, saying it was callous and equivalent to encouraging poverty. Some questioned why “Westerners think poverty tourism content is a good idea,” while others claimed that such excursions are unjust and exploitative of the local population.

‘One user commented, “This is incredibly tone-deaf”. You have the gall to call it a “slum tour” and think it’s a good idea to go around these people’s homes while they go about their regular lives.

“Whites and their obsession with poverty in India,” remarked a critic of hers. ”Slum tour’ girl bye folks live here,’ wrote a third. Poverty is not meant to amuse you; it should not be considered as a tourist attraction.  Perhaps you should highlight a charity that aids them rather than publishing a “slum tour”.

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