Hi everyone! I’m Eileen Falkenberg-Hull, Newsweek’s senior Autos editor. I started Newsweek’s Autos department three years ago, bringing stories about cars, trucks, SUVs and more — and where I test drive them — to readers around the world.

The world is my office and I can be found working while riding in planes, trains, and automobiles, or at lounges, restaurants, wineries, clubs and poolside cabanas at destinations once I arrive. I travel over 200 days every year.

There’s no sense in having adventures if you can’t share them, and that’s what I want to do with this text message exchange. I’ll take followers around the world, sharing my time behind the wheel, lifting the lid on what it really takes to review a car, and showing off the amazing places I get to see and stay, the food I eat, and the libations I sip along the way.

You don’t have to be a hardcore car enthusiast to join in the conversation. Our conversations will be as much about the destinations as the journeys.

The best part: this is a two-way street! You can ask me questions and I’d love to get your recommendations on places I should stop and see along my routes.

Sign up to join the conversation at the bottom of this column, or read on for details:

What does this offer that social media doesn’t?

Have you seen the social media landscape lately? You have to wade through a lot to find the good stuff. This lets you cut through the clutter without needing to be active on Facebook, X or others.

Will other people see my texts?

We’re launching this with privacy in mind. You’ll see all of my texts, but when you text back, it just goes to me. I’ll try to respond to as many people as I have time for, and I may sometimes ask group questions and share responses anonymously.

What will you do with my phone number?

I can’t say this clearly enough: When you sign up for this text service with me, that’s it. We won’t sell your number, give it to third parties or use it for marketing. No gimmicks. I get that it takes trust to use your phone number — we won’t abuse that trust.

What does it cost?

There’s a small fee of $2.99 per month to fund the costs of the text service. Newsweek digital subscribers can get it for free, and anyone who signs up below gets a free 2-week trial.

What if I want to cancel?

We’re making this as easy as possible. Text STOP to the text thread, and that’s it. No phone call, no painful process. You’ll be instantly unsubscribed from the service — but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Try it out by signing up below — it’s free for the first two weeks. Let me know what’s on your mind when it comes to automotive news, travel or hot spots along the way!