Influencer Jaelynn Chaney has previously said plus-sized passengers should be provided with an ‘extra free seat, or even multiple seats, to accommodate their needs’

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A plus-size travel influencer claims an airport worker refused to push her wheelchair in an act of discrimination against her weight.

Jaelynn Chaney told TikTok that her ordeal at SeaTac airport “will shock you”. The Vancouver 27-year-old said she requested wheelchair assistance on her flight but the employee assigned to her walked away when she realised Jaelynn was plus-sized, the influencer claimed.

Although Jaelynn can walk, she usually requests wheelchair access. The social media star, who has previously started petitions for better conditions for plus-sized flyers, said she was left breathless walking up “one of the longest jet bridges I’ve ever encountered.”

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She added: “Even when I told her I really needed the chair and needed her to let me sit down in it she blatantly ignored me and kept walking. I was then forced to walk up one of the longest jet bridges I’ve encountered and she didn’t stop.”

Jaelynn, who has over 135,000 followers on the platform, said the move was “discrimination” adding, “Staying silent isn’t an option anymore. If you’ve faced something similar, you’re not alone.

“Discrimination is real, and I don’t want anybody else to ever experience something like this.” One commenter said: “I’m so sorry honey”. Another commented: “Sending positivity! No one should be discriminated against for their body or abilities.”

Last year, travel and body positivity influencer Jaelynn hit the headlines for starting a petition to the US Federal Aviation Authority to protect plus-sized travellers. In the letter she said that bigger-than-average passengers should be provided with an “extra free seat, or even multiple seats, to accommodate their needs and ensure their comfort and safety, as well as those around them, during the flight”.

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