TAIWAN Tourism Administration is hosting the Taiwan Travel Fair at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya from today until Sunday.

The fair, themed around the globally beloved bubble tea, features attractions such as a model of the Pingxi Line steam train (the oldest railway branch line in Taiwan) to promote culinary and eco-friendly railway travel.

The event will integrate elements such as the Taipei 101 skyline, Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen Old Street, Pingxi Sky Lanterns, Sun Moon Lake Cycling Path, and Kaohsiung Pop Music Center, presenting the most popular “Urban Lohas” impression of Taiwan.

Attendees can immediately share the beauty of Taiwan with friends through social media, enjoy authentic Taiwan bubble tea made on-site by the Taiwanese chain bubble tea brand Koi, taste the nostalgic yet fashionable egg pancakes, engage in DIY activities using the Taiwan’s leading stationery brand Simbalion to colour the Oh Bear Frisbee fan, and participate in fun Taiwan-themed quizzes.

Visitors can also appreciate the performance of the Chinese Taipei Cheerleading Nasional Team, the gold medalist of the 2023 ICU World Cheerleading Championships, and the new dance production by the Hoyi Dance Crew, which integrates Taiwanese street dance with traditional culture, technological innovation, and Michelin-starred cuisine, conveying Taiwan’s diverse charm and hospitality to the public.

Additionally, for the three days of the travel fair, influencers such as Dou Dou Sensei, Munabella and renowned radio DJs KC Guojun and PM Wang will participate in various activities at the Taiwan Travel Fair. The “Taiwan Five Senses 3.0” event today saw Malaysian actress Meeki sharing the charm of Taiwan with the public.

During the Taiwan Travel Fair, visitors who purchase travel packages will be eligible to participate in a blind box lucky draw, with a chance to win exquisite gifts worth up to RM30,000. International travellers to Taiwan can now enjoy a variety of special offers and discounts.

Promoting Taiwan tourism

Taiwan Tourism Administration stated that in 2019, the number of Southeast Asian visitors to Taiwan was nearly 2.6 million people, accounting for over one-fifth of the inbound tourism market. Among them, the number of visitors from Malaysia to Taiwan reached as high as 537,692 people, making it the largest inbound market from Southeast Asia.

According to statistics, by 2023, the number of Malaysian visitors to Taiwan had reached 437,491 people, representing an 80% recovery from pandemic levels. It is the second-largest market for inbound tourism to Taiwan in Southeast Asia, following only Singapore, making it a significantly important source of tourists.

Taiwan Tourism Administration is calling upon county and city governments, public associations, travel agencies, hotels, leisure farms, theme parks, and souvenir businesses, totaling 31 units and comprising a delegation of 62 representatives, to embark on a tourism promotion activity in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru from yesterday until next Wednesday.

To enhance communication between tourism agency from Taiwan and Malaysia, the Taiwanese delegation will host a Taiwan Tourism workshop on Monday at the Parkroyal Collection Kuala Lumpur Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Following this, on Tuesday, they will proceed to Johor Bahru and hold the workshop at the Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel. Over 100 Malaysian outbound travel agency will be invited. The workshop will introduce Muslim-friendly hospitality environments, the latest tourist attractions, and explain initiatives such as the “Plan to Accelerate and Expand Attraction of International Tourism – Taiwan the Lucky”.

Additionally, there will be a promotion of the “Taiwan Pass”, an electronic discount tickets that combine Railway, MRT and Taiwan High Speed Rail, making it easier for Malaysian tourists to travel to Taiwan. This promotional event will collaborate with counties, cities, distinctive scenic spots, and industries to aggressively target the Taiwan market.

In 2024, Taipei was ranked as the 16th smartest city in the world, according to the 2024 Smart City Index by the Swiss IMD, and it ranked fifth in Asia. The Global Muslim Travel Index 2023 (GMTI), jointly published by Mastercard-CrescentRating GMTI 2023, ranked Taiwan third among non-OIC destinations, recognising its outstanding performance in the global Muslim travel market for several consecutive years.

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