Women in Travel Retail+ (WiTR+) recently held a sustainability-focused webinar with Quantis, a sustainability consultancy, which is partnering with businesses to solve critical environmental challenges.

It was led by Quantis Travel Sector Lead & Senior Strategist, Bérangère Felbabel, and  the company’s Sustainability Strategist, Chiara Rolland.

Rolland gave a macro view on the key environmental challenges (climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution), examined their drivers and their impacts on vulnerable populations, and highlighted important actions by the UN, COP summits, collective initiatives, civil society, and impactful NGOs and activists.

Felbabel focused on industry specifics – the role of businesses in addressing climate and nature conservation, commitments by the aviation and tourism sectors to mitigate their environmental impact and sustainability efforts by major travel retailers. She suggested practical actions for attendees to integrate sustainability into their daily roles.

Felbabel had considerable experience with retail and brands, including DFS and La Prairie, before realising her deep commitment to creating a meaningful impact on the world by focusing on sustainability. As a Senior Strategist at Quantis in Switzerland, she collaborates with scientists and environmental foot printing experts. Together, they guide prominent beauty and personal care companies, as well as retailers, in weaving sustainable strategies into their business models and operations.

Rolland is a sustainability communications consultant with more than three years of experience at Quantis. She specializes in training clients on effectively communicating environmental and sustainability topics, and developing strategic solutions that engage both internal and external stakeholders. With a mixed background and global upbringing, she is committed to sustainability and aims to educate and mobilize others around the world to join her in making a positive impact.

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