The 2023 World Cup is being played across ten venues, twelve if you include the venues for the warm-up games as well. Here is how much each team will be travelling through the course of the tournament.

Afghanistan – 5311 kms

Afghanistan will have the least travelling to do across the league stage of the World Cup since they’ll be playing two sets of consecutive games at the same venue. However, if you include the warm-up games, their distance travelled increases to 9,456 kms, given their warm-up games were scheduled in opposite ends of the country – Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram.


New Zealand – 5826 kms

New Zealand have a relatively easier travel schedule compared to the other teams. They play three sets of consecutive games at the same venue – in Chennai, Dharamsala, and Bengaluru. However, like Afghanistan, their distance increases by a fair margin if you include the warm-up games. It become 8,488 kms to be precise.

Pakistan – 6880 kms

Pakistan’s schedule was one of the most complex ones to formulate given logistical and political concerns at certain venues. They play four matches in Hyderabad, including two warm-up games, which has helped keep their travel distance down to less than 7,000 kms.

Australia – 6915 kms

Although Australia will only play twice at one venue, their overall travel distance will be less than many other teams due to the relatively shorter distances between their venues for consecutive games. They go from Delhi to Dharamsala (406 kms), Ahmedabad to Mumbai (450 kms), and Mumbai to Pune (119 kms).

Netherlands – 6925 kms

Despite playing their first two games in Hyderabad, Netherlands will end up travelling nearly 7,000 kms during the league stage of the World Cup. Including the warm-up games, that distance increases to 7,915 kms.

Bangladesh – 7334 kms

Bangladesh start their World Cup campaign with two games in Dharamsala, which reduces the burden on their travel schedule. However, for their third game, the have to travel a whopping 2,163 kms from Dharamsala to Chennai. Including warm-up games, their total travel distance amounts to nearly 9,000 kms.

Sri Lanka – 7680 kms

Sri Lanka stand mid-way in the list. The longest distance they will cover will be between Lucknow and Bengaluru (1,581 kms), with the shortest being between Pune and Mumbai. Including the warm-up games, however, their total distance increases to 9,144 kms given they had to travel from Guwahati to Delhi.

South Africa – 7799 kms

South Africa play two games in Mumbai mid-way through the World Cup. Apart from that, they have to travel over 1,000 kms four times during the main event, and five if you include the warm-ups, in which case their total distance goes beyond 10,000 kms.

England – 8106 kms

England will be the second-most busiest team in terms of travel throughout the World Cup. They travel more than 1,500 kms twice – between Bengaluru and Lucknow (1,581 kms) and between Pune and Kolkata (1,575 kms). Including their warm-up schedule, their travel distance increases to 10,076 kms, again the second-highest distance among all ten teams.

India – 9767 kms

Playing a home World Cup, India will naturally be the busiest team on the road. The difference between the distance India will travel and the next busiest team, England, will travel is more than 1,600 kms. Including the warm-ups, which India had to play at diagonally opposite ends of the country, India’s total travel distance goes beyond 12,000 kms.

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