Via Travel has announced an expansion and a rebrand as the tour operator steps out from the shadows working behind the scenes for a number of key industry brands.

Since their launch seven years ago, Via Travel has made considerable achievements by hand-selecting and partnering with over 100 suppliers while providing for almost 10,000 happy travellers.

Now as a top-rated tour operator, it will place its handpicked boutique small group tours firmly in the spotlight. With an excellent reputation, extensive knowledge of Australia and a hands-on personal approach with a powerful message in conservation, Via Travel is making waves with its offerings in West and East Coast Australian tours.

“We were heavily involved in the successful launch of seven tours for Intrepid Travel’s comfort range, and have worked closely with them for nearly seven years,’ founder, Via Travel, Stuart Wesierski, said.

“But, we are now aiming to extend our expertise to represent and collaborate with other trusted brands in Australia.”

Two core offerings:

Boutique Comfort Tours – Comfort meets authenticity for the active, mature traveller who wants to immerse themselves in unique Australian experiences while staying in comfort at hand-selected, locally-owned accommodation. The Boutique Comfort Tours create a perfect blend of nature and wildlife, culture and heritage, and local authenticity, that define the true Australia.

Flashpacker Adventure Tours – Excitement and discovery await youthful, active travellers in their 20s to 40s who want to embark on the perfect blend of adventure with some extra creature comforts. With many included activities from snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife spotting to breathtaking adventure walks you can truly explore and discover everything Australia has to offer.

With the belief that travelling isn’t just about visiting a new place, but discovering and exploring in a meaningful way, Via Travel is passionate about authentic, active tour experiences. From real wildlife encounters to learning about and appreciating First Nation culture from one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world, Via Travel uses its itineraries to showcase the best of what Australia has to offer.

“The trade industry can expect to see us become a more prominent voice in terms of advertising and social media presence that not only share our tours but honours Australia’s heritage, and promotes travel that gives back,” Wesierski, continued.

“We’ll be visible at trade shows, work with state tourism operators and partners on various initiatives, sustainability and ecology work. It’s an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to see how things progress moving forward.”

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