Michael Cohen had no qualms about taking ownership of the insults he’s thrown at Donald Trump and the GOP presidential nominee’s legal counsel.

Opening cross-examination of Cohen on Tuesday, Trump attorney Todd Blanche attempted to call him out for Cohen’s relentless name-calling—but he only ended up embarrassing himself.

“You went on TikTok and called me a ‘crying little shit,’ didn’t you?” Blanche growled.

“It sounds like something I would say,” Cohen replied, before prosecutors objected.

Blanche then scrounged up another moniker Cohen had coined for Trump.

“You referred to Trump as a ‘dictator douchebag,’ didn’t you?” Blanche continued, referring to a post in which Cohen said Trump should be sent “where he belongs, in a fucking cage.”

“Sounds like something I said,” Cohen repeated to a crowd of stifled laughs.

Legal experts have speculated that Cohen may soon be the second person to receive a gag order in the hush-money trial due to his incessant online gossiping about Trump and his counsel.

“Witnesses need to keep their mouths shut until they are in the courtroom,” former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance said on The Insider Podcast earlier this month, predicting that Cohen’s comments online would become “fodder” for Trump’s attorneys.

That was in reference to evidence brought out by Blanche earlier in the trial, including a mess of inflammatory social media posts Cohen made in April referring to Trump as “Von ShitzInPantz” and retweeting another post that lambasted Trump as a “racist jackass who referred to African nations as ‘shithole countries,’” in light of Trump’s attempt to liken himself to Nelson Mandela.

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