The season of summer holiday travel is just around the corner. 

You might find yourself heading to one of the U.S.’s many national parks, exploring a historic European city or jetting off somewhere tropical, like the Maldives.  

That all sounds like fun, but unfortunately, travel mishaps may also happen. Luggage gets lost, passports get misplaced and phones may not work at international destinations when they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi.  

To avoid the headaches and prepare for whatever may come your way (or what accidentally gets left behind), follow these simple tips.  

Watch this video to see the four things you should do before your next trip.

Pre-Travel Tips 

All you need to get travel-ready is your smartphone.

  1. Take pictures. 

Take pictures and screenshots of the important items and documents before you leave for your trip. 

This would include: 

  • Your luggage
  • The photo page of your passport
  • Your ID cards
  • Any travel-related confirmations
  • Location and contact details for the places you’re staying

Creating an album on your phone or marking the images as favorites will make it easier to find them should you need them. 

It couldn’t hurt to also share these pictures with a trusted loved one, like a significant other or close friend.

  1. Turn on Notify When Left Behind

Turn on Notify When Left Behind if you use Apple products.  

The feature, available on some iPhones, iPads, Macs, and AirPods, will notify you if you are separated from your items, like if you forget your AirPods in your hotel room. 

To turn Notify When Left Behind on or off, open the “Find My” app, select the device and then toggle the setting on or off.  

  1. Tell your credit card company about your plans

Have you ever had your card payment declined when paying for something on a trip? That’s probably because your credit card company is picking up unusual activity and flagging it as suspicious. 

Prevent that from happening by informing your credit card company of any upcoming domestic or international travel by setting a travel notification. 

Many credit card companies allow you to set the notification online or via the app, though some companies may not require one at all. 

  1. Check international phone plans

If you want to use your phone when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi while traveling, see what international phone plans your mobile carrier offers that fit your budget. An international plan will allow you to do things like make and receive phone calls, access social media and find directions as long as you have cell service. Without a plan, those functions will only be available when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Bonus tip, you can download maps to use offline and easily navigate a new place!

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