An Affordable Option Actually Made from Aluminum

level8 aluminum carry onLEVEL8

Affordable Option Made from Aluminum

Level8 Gibralter Aluminum Carry-On


External Dimensions 22” x 15” x 8.4”
Capacity 36 L
Weight 10 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Warranty


  • Mesh interior pocket divider
  • Handles made of metal alloy, not plastic
  • Noiseless handles with slow release to prevent pinching
  • Line-free exterior that looks different


  • Some users say internal straps broke after a few uses
  • Several users say its frame and depth is not large enough

Aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy is a material known for its lightweight and its ability to resist corrosion and other damage. As such, it makes for an ideal frame for any suitcase. Level8 applies it to its zipper-less lock closure suitcase, which has super-quiet wheels and an alloy handle, too.

The interior dividers were identical, too, which made packing easy, but they can be removed as well if you prefer to pack without them. Our tester found despite the slight frame of this suitcase, it still packed quite a bit.

This bag is also the most affordable option on our list that’s actually made from an aluminum magnesium alloy, instead of using plastic to merely mimic aluminum’s metallic look. To some degree, you’ll get what you pay for quality-wise, but we appreciate that Level8 includes a 4-piece packing cube set and suitcase cover protector with the purchase price.

The Most Distinctive Aluminum Suitcase

aluminum suitcaseTumi

Most Distinctive

Tumi 19 Degree Continental Carry-On


Exterior Dimensions 22.0″ X 16.5″ X 9.0″
Capacity 35 L
Weight 11.8 lbs
Warranty 5 years


  • Smooth, 360-degree wheels
  • Unique style makes it stand out from others on this list
  • Option for Monogramming


  • Can be too small for longer trips
  • Heavy for its size

There’s a kinetic beauty to the fluid lines of Tumi’s aluminum luggage — it looks like it’s moving even when it’s standing still. With a 35L capacity, it can comfortably hold everything you need for a few days away, but not much longer, and that’s the primary complaint from reviewers. That and this suitcase’s weight.

It’s fairly heavy for a small-sized suitcase, but that helps it roll smoother, a perk plenty praised online. If you want the lightest suitcase, this isn’t it.

This suitcase does also technically have the shortest listed warranty of the options on this list (along with Zero Haliburton), but then again, it’s hard to know how some of the newer luggage brands will follow through on their promises, and Tumi has been in business since 1975.

The bottom line is if you want something different from a brand that’s made luggage longer than any other company on this list save Rimowa, Tumi’s the right fit for you.

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