The 8 Best Travel Strollers for Dads 2024

<p>Thankfully, my wife and I come prepared. The <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Bugaboo Butterfly travel stroller</a> is a godsend when <a href=”” target=”_blank”>running around with small humans</a>. It opens quickly and easily, it’s light and portable, and it holds kids up to fifty pounds. That means even though my two-year-old daughter is usually the one hitching the ride, when my five-year-old son’s legs get tired (or a sibling rivalry inevitably rears its head), he can hop in there, too. </p><p>All of which is to say that when the Koenig clan finally does arrive at the gate, all four of us are in relatively good spirits—even the two year old. The Bugaboo is a great get, but there are a number of other travel strollers out there that could be a good match for you and yours. Read our full breakdown of the varieties we’ve tested and reviewed.</p>”/>

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