Amy Liston says her solo world travel adventure has been boosted by a procedure to give her perfect vision – after over 30 years in glasses.

Amy, 46, previously worked as a construction manager for Network Rail. Having taken voluntary redundancy, she has been spurred on to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Her hobbies from paddleboarding to trips in her campervan, however, had exposed one issue she wanted to resolve before her six-month trip – her poor eyesight.

Amy said: “I have worn glasses since I was 13 and did not get on with contact lenses. My sight just got worse over the years so I was dependent on glasses all day long.

“But with my hobbies, glasses constantly get in the way or completely fall off and I lose them in the water when paddleboarding. I have lost countless pairs of glasses and expensive prescription sunglasses

“I gave contacts a go but they were so uncomfortable for me and as I have astigmatism in both eyes it was really hard to put them in correctly.

“After just a couple of hours, I would have to take them out again. Also, I have hay fever, so that was not a good combination as I kept rubbing my eyes.

“The thought of being able to travel without all this hassle, to just wear regular sunglasses and not having to ask myself all day long where I have put my glasses really appealed.”

Amy visited eye specialists at Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham and was offered lens replacement surgery that would rid her of any glasses.

“My eyes healed really quickly and as soon as I took the eye shields off I could see so well. It is going to make all the difference to my travels – things like paddleboarding are so much more enjoyable.

“But even daily activities are easier like being able to read food packaging and the conditioner bottle in the shower. The only downside for me is I can see some wrinkles now!

“I am so glad I have invested in this now and I felt the sooner the better really. No more need to spend all that money on spectacles and prescription sunglasses, but mainly I can enjoy my vision and my travels with no hassle!”

Amy’s trip will kick off in Miami, and then she goes on to Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali and Fiji.

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