Ennea Capital Partners, Falkensteiner Ventures, Trips Community, Chain4Travel, and other key players in the travel sector have unveiled Tectris, a program set to nurture startups developing blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to revolutionize the travel industry, according to the latest information shared with Finbold on June 10.

Leading the charge in the quest for a Web3-oriented travel industry, Tectris will focus on advancements like tokenization, decentralized ownership, and automated trust protocols.

Tectris is a remote program with a registration deadline of July 31, 2024. Semi-finals will be held in scenic Umbria, Italy, during the Web3 in Travel Conference on September 3–4, 2024, with the finals scheduled for Q4 2024 in Vienna, Austria.

Tectris program participation and opportunities

From June to November 2024, Tectris will select ten of the most promising Web3 travel startups, providing them with a robust foundation to build upon. 

The program will invest in open protocols, essential for the Web3 travel industry’s infrastructure, as well as in non-protocol, for-profit startups demonstrating successful Web3 applications in the industry.

Luca De Giglio, co-founder of Tectris, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative: 

“With a dynamic lineup of contributors, this accelerator and syndicate is poised to support startups by providing exactly what they need to thrive. Through our Discord channel, Tectris transforms into an open-space incubator dedicated to nurturing Web3 travel innovations.”

Participants in the program can look forward to not only funding opportunities of up to €250,000 but also coaching, industry expertise, and partnership opportunities with established names in travel and hospitality. 

The program will accept applications from teams and solo founders alike at the concept or pre-seed stage within the Web3 and blockchain domains, specifically targeting the travel, hospitality, and leisure verticals. 

The initiative represents a significant step toward integrating Web3 technologies with the travel industry, promising to reshape how travel experiences are created.

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