While moving towards a sustainable lifestyle is a challenge at first, it is absolutely worth it. On your next travel shopping spree, support these businesses that are putting an eco-friendly foot forward.

Shop Sustainably From These Homegrown Stores For Your Next Vacay. Credit: Instagram/blabelindia

This Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, let’s celebrate our incredible planet by making our adventures a little lighter on the environment. While travel broadens our horizons, it can also leave a footprint. But with a few key product swaps, you can embark on eco-conscious escapades that benefit both you and the places you explore.

A sling bag by Windie on Brown Living

Brown Living

Run by a team of ‘earth advocates’, Brown Living curates thoughtful, sustainable and elegant products, allowing consumers to shop consciously, guilt free and with least damage to the environment. Think travel accessories, hair and body products such as vegan lotion bars and organic gourmet foods. Brown Living is easily a one-shop stop for all your needs and provides a platform to over 150 sustainable brands from across India.

Reflekt Sustainables

Head here for revolutionary, plastic free and zero waste cleaning products that are safe for your family and the planet. Unlike most cleaning products that simply add to the piling waste in landfills, Reflect’s products, such as their forever handle bamboo toothbrush, help you make the shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle without pinching your pockets. Smart laundry detergent sheets and travel hand soap sheets, choices are aplenty for all your travel needs.

Reflekt Sustainable has a variety of goods that are perfect for travel.


As someone aiming to reduce their environmental footprint, the reusable nature of period panties aligns with their eco-friendly goals. It’s a small yet impactful step towards minimising waste, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Unlike pads that take ages to degrade, Nushu’s period panties are reusable and last for months before you have to discard them, eliminating the need for disposable period pads. You can also opt for menstrual cups for an equally sustainable alternative to sanitary napkins.

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