A couple sold their house and all their belongings to backpack around the world in their retirement – and they’ve visited a whopping 92 countries from Europe to the Caribbean and beyond.

John Martin, 60, and his wife, Bev, 61, started their big adventure in November 2021. They sold their home in Stuart, Florida, in the United States, and gave away their furniture to charities.

After travelling around 53 US states and 52 of the incredible US National Parks, they wanted more from their travels. So now, the grandparents of eight have visited far flung places like Indonesia, Colombia, Guatemala, Greece, and New Zealand

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They stay in hotels and Airbnb rooms while exploring the exotic regions in their retirement whereas when they were in their home country they used a campervan. They call their travels the “trip of a lifetime”.

The duo do make sure to go back to the US twice a year and can’t wait for their grandkids to join them when they’re older and hopping around the world. It was apparently the pandemic, which limited foreign travel that sparked their plan to explore the world.

John, 60, and Bev, 61, at Sigiriya rock fortress in Sri Lanka(Image: John Martin / SWNS)

John, who used to be a manufacturing manager, said: “In 2020 we bought a campervan and travelled around all the US states and territories. We realised that we didn’t need our big house and that started this whole journey of what we wanted to do in our retirement.

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