Following their successful ‘unofficial royal tour’ to Nigeria, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may pay a visit to the place that was cherished by the Duke’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Citing sources, Mirror reported Ghana’s officials and leading figures are looking forward to Meghan and Harry’s visit following their trip to neigbouring Nigeria.(REUTERS)

Citing sources, Mirror reported Ghana’s officials and leading figures are looking forward to Meghan and Harry’s visit following their three-day trip to neigbouring Nigeria. They want the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to fly to Ghana’s capital, Accra, which was one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite destinations. According to the reports, the West African country’s leaders will do their utmost to make them feel at home.

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“There is already a lot of talk and excitement in Ghana, everyone is so keen for Harry and Meghan to come and experience the great culture and warmth,” the insiders said.

Several celebrities, including Ed Sheeran, Naomi Campbell, and Liam Payne of One Direction, made trips to Ghana in recent years.

“Idris Elba, who DJ’d at Harry and Meghan’s wedding is a regular too, he is part-Ghanaian and loves spending time ‘back home.'”

Harry will definitely have plenty of visitors to show him around, and they will undoubtedly lay out the red carpet for him, and invite some of the best Afro-beats artists to greet him and his family, according to the sources. “So perhaps it is only a matter of time before Harry and Meghan come out, and sample the famous jollof rice!”

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A quick look at Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria trip

The invitation comes after the royal pair’s Nigeria tour, where they backed their “Giants of Africa” programs, and announced their intention to accelerate their efforts by offering “an additional adaptive court and accessible sport for the community of Abuja.”

During their visit, the duo also sponsored a basketball clinic. Harry headed to the courts to take part in a variety of entertaining ball bouncing drills. His day was filled with sports, giggles, and deep discussions.

The duo provided fans with an inside look at what happened during their recent trip to Nigeria. Meghan became very touched as she was given a very special gift for Archie and Lilibet. 13-year-old Grace gifted the Duchess a pair of stunning hand-stitched teddy bears.

As Meghan was in Nigeria on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she expressed how much she was missing her little kids.

Speaking at the Lagos State Government House on Mother’s Day, she said: “We are missing our children, I’m missing my babies, it feels very appropriate to be in the motherland and amongst family.”

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