Launching into early access as of April 18, 2024, No Rest For The Wicked is a challenging but intriguing action RPG that puts players in control of a holy warrior that attempts to eradicate the existence of a not-so-holy plague known as the Pestilence. In this title, gamers are tested in almost every facet of the game, which looks to push the boundaries of the genre and offer some unique but tough mechanics that some players may not be accustomed to.

It is no secret that No Rest For The Wicked is a pretty tough game to master and is particularly unforgiving, something that much of the player base find out before they can even get out of the prologue. With this in mind, many will be searching for a way to fast-travel from one location to another to avoid some of the tougher adversaries in the game. In this guide, we will explain how fast-travel works in No Rest For The Wicked.


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How To Unlock Fast-Travel in No Rest For The Wicked

The location of the primary Whisper in Sacrament in No Rest For The Wicked

In order for players to make use of the fast-travel system in No Rest For The Wicked, they must first finish the prologue and enter the city of Sacrament. Only once they have done this, which requires beating a very tough boss battle against Warrick The Torn, will they be able to interact with the primary Whisper and unlock this popular game mechanic.

The primary Whisper in Sacrament can be found by venturing to the right as you enter the city, then taking the first left to head deeper into the settlement. The Whisper is not too far into the city and is easily recognizable by the blue tendrils of light that reach out to the player from it. Once you have located it, simply press the indicated button (Triangle on PS, Y on Xbox), and fast-travel will be unlocked. This will be made evident by the pop-up window explaining how it works.

Fast-Travel in No Rest For The Wicked, Explained

A player interacting with a Whisper to fast-travel in No Rest For The Wicked

Fast-traveling in No Rest For The Wicked is a relatively simple process, but it does come with some unique conditions that are not often seen in RPGs. Nonetheless, to perform this action, players will only need to interact with a Whisper checkpoint and select the Fast-Travel option.

It is worth noting that No Rest For The Wicked is not designed to be your standard action RPG and looks to test the skills and strategy of its players, from combat and movement mechanics to gear maintenance, which is evident in how the fast-travel mechanics in the game work. Unlike other standard games in the genre that allow for many fast-travel points, usually in major landmarks or settlements within the world, No Rest For The Wicked limits players to having just one channel from which you can move back and forth.

Fast-traveling in No Rest For The Wicked will allow you to only teleport from the primary Whisper to the last Whisper that the player interacted with whilst exploring outside the walls of the city. While this may be inconvenient for players who want to go to a particular point in the game that isn’t progressing the story, it does enable the ability to quickly go back to the city to upgrade weapons and armor, stock up on any necessary supplies, or interact with important NPCs throughout the game.

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