Travelling on one of the most photographed train routes in the
world is far from expensive, and also far from comfortable.
Departing from the mountainous city of Kandy, the train trundles
through rainforest and lush palm jungle for ten hours, before
pulling into the hill station of Ella, a backpackers’ haven where
you can stock up on essentials. About an hour outside Kandy, you
enter tea country, which is what the region is known for. Book a
second-class reserved seat a couple of days in advance at the local
train station if you can – it’s still very cheap and will at least
guarantee you a seat. That said, the experience of peering out of
the open door is equally unforgettable. In Ella, you can hike from
the village and along the tracks to Nine Arches Bridge to get a
stunning view of the old train going past. The train line was built
in the 19th century, and hasn’t changed much since.

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