National Geographic Expeditions is adding three land tour itineraries to its 2025 lineup.

The new Signature Land tours will be available in Australia, Sri Lanka and Portugal and the Azores, all of which are countries the travel brand said offer centuries of rich history and culture. 

Each tour features a National Geographic Expert who, alongside local guides and naturalists, will help guests connect to each destination through storytelling, tapping into their unique and personal experiences with the places visited on tour. Nat Geo Experts also have specialized backgrounds, including filmmaking, photography, archeology and geography. 

The new 11-day Australia: Reefs, Rainforests & Wild Tasmania itinerary will help guests discover a number of Australia’s iconic attractions, natural wonders and local conservation efforts. Guests will snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, observe fairy penguins at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and visit historic sites such as the Port Arthur Australian Convict Site and the Sydney Opera House. 

The 10-day Portugal & the Azores will focus on exploring one of Europe’s oldest countries through its architecture, art history, ecology and gastronomy. Guests will visit the famed Lello bookstore in Porto and see European masterpieces at Sao Roque Church in Lisbon while on the mainland, before heading over to the Azores to take in the islands’ gardens, geothermal sites and protected natural areas. 

The 11-day Sri Lanka: Wildlife and Wonders of the Spice Island will have guests explore six Unesco World Heritage Sites, plus participate in a number of wildlife observation activities, such as accompanying a National Geographic Explorer on an ocean experience to do real-time explorations and studies. Guests can expect to take a scenic train ride across the famous Nine Arch Bridge, go on safari drives in Yala National Park and visit the country’s tea country in the Central Highlands.

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