Whether it’s sipping freshly ground Ethiopian coffee in Shepherd’s Bush while discovering the secret to the best brews, stumbling upon the philosophy of a new-age Persian poet, or finding an Afghan artisan with the kind of taste and talent to furnish a palace, London multiculturalism offers the kind of rich travel experiences you’ll still be banging on about at dinner parties, decades to come. But how often do we take advantage of this diversity?

Why not start planning a trip to some of the cultures thriving in the capital — no planes required. From Syria to Sri Lanka, the Philippines to the West Bank, these initiatives — created by or for asylum seekers or refugees — offer an unparalleled mix of stories, flavours and wisdom, while bringing people together in the most uplifting ways.

The Philippines via Farringdon

One of Migrateful’s most popular chefs is Tina


Migrateful runs some of the capital’s best cookery classes, including at a dedicated school in EC1, where refugee and immigrant chefs share their cultures by the dishful. One of the most popular is Chef Tina, who not only helps you get to grips with classic Filipino dishes such as ukoy (crunchy shrimp and vegetable fritters) and the tamarind-laced sinigang (pork soup), but also brings homespun Bulakeño favourites to the table, including the secret to her mother’s sticky coconut rice.

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