Meghan Markle has sparked a furious on-air row, following the news of her latest royal trip abroad.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to fly to Nigeria, as Meghan recently discovered she is “43 per cent Nigerian”.

The royal couple will be jetting off after Harry’s solo trip to the UK, where he will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Discussing the Nigeria visit, Commentator Tessa Dunlop and former Editor of The Sun Kelvin MacKenzie became embroiled in a heated clash, as MacKenzie argued that the Duchess’s snub of the UK for Nigeria is like “giving a V sign to the British people”.

Tessa Dunlop and Kelvin MacKenzie

Tessa Dunlop defended Meghan Markle as Kelvin MacKenzie said ‘she’s all about herself’

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MacKenzie fumed: “Instead of coming to the UK, perhaps to rally round the Royal Family in difficult times, both with the King and his and Kate, what does she do? She nips over to Nigeria.

“She likes the title but she doesn’t like the country. Why doesn’t she just say so?”

Dunlop agreed with MacKenzie’s thoughts, but hit back: “I agree she does have certain issues with Britain, and with people like you spouting off. Can you blame her?”

She noted MacKenzie’s comparison of Meghan’s trip to the recent Royal Family engagements from the King and the Duchess of Edinburgh, and how Meghan is “all about herself”.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is set to visit Nigeria with Prince Harry, following his trip to the UK next week


Dunlop raged: “I wish we paid more attention to Ukraine, that is where the trouble lies. We all turn a blind eye. But when Sophie rocks up in a frock briefly, Ukraine reappears on the agenda.


MacKenzie was outraged, as he interjected Dunlop’s claim: “The Ukraine war is not being covered by the media? That’s ludicrous!”

Dunlop responded: “What distressed me is that you compared them – working members of the Royal Family, their trip to Ukraine funded by the Foreign Office, quite rightly so.

“And then you compare them with the Duchess of Sussex as a private individual who, incidentally, will give people in Nigeria a huge amount of pleasure by visiting them.”

MacKenzie argued: “How do you know that Meghan going to Nigeria is going to give them a huge amount of pleasure? You’re guessing at it, aren’t you?

Tessa Dunlop and Kelvin MacKenzie

Tessa Dunlop and Kelvin MacKenzie were engaged in a heated row over the Duchess of Sussex

GB News

“Everywhere else she’s gone, she gets a huge raspberry. She comes over here, the most loved person that I can ever remember joining the Royal Family, and within half an hour, she said I’m not hanging around being told what to do by you lot, and she heads out to LA in the mansion. Honestly, she’s not worth defending.”

Dunlop continued to defend Meghan, as she explained: “The King gave pleasure at the cancer centre. Sophie would have given pleasure in Ukraine, desperately needed, and likewise Meghan, with her super stardust.

“Which is why people like you are so peeved because she turned her back on Britain!”

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