A MAJOR Scots airport has ditched the long-standing security rule related to the amount of liquid products allowed in carry-on luggage.

Passengers from TODAY can now carry more than 100ml bottles on board with them as they travel from Aberdeen International airport – thanks to new scanners coming into operation.

Aberdeen International Airport has ditched the liquid ruleCredit: Alamy
The days of airport security checks involving liquid are over at AberdeenCredit: Getty

The limit of liquids began in 2006 across all airports in the UK.

But the Next Generation Security Checkpoint scanners have led to some airports – such as London City and Teeside – already scrapping the much-hated rule which often means toiletries and other liquids must be ditched before security checks.

Aberdeen Airport have also agreed to ditch the rule – meaning travellers can carry on as much liquid items as they want.

The new scanners will also mean electronic items such as laptops and other devices do not need to be taken out of bags – saving time and hassle with queues.

The two new scanners provide 3-D imagery, making journeys smoother through security, while the old scanners have been removed.

William Wallace, security manager at Aberdeen International Airport, said: “We are delighted to have the NGSC scanners operational at Aberdeen.

“We are well ahead of the deadline set by the government thanks to all the hard work from our staff and contractors.

“This is one of the biggest changes in airport security so we would ask passengers to be prepared for this new process and to have patience as we enter the biggest change in aviation security in nearly two decades.”

However, passengers have been warned that different rules may apply to different airports they are travel to and from – and to check before they board about the rules.

We previously told how earlier this week airport bosses were branded “greedy” over a controversial new departure charge for travellers.

From the start of next month anyone catching a taxi at Aberdeen Airport will be hit with a £7 fee.

This is to replace a £200 a week subscription fee that allows cabbies to pick up and leave punters at the terminal’s exclusive rank.

Meanwhile taxis from external firms have the option of dropping off punters for free. Raging drivers are up in arms about the move.

A source said: “It is greed, pure and simple. There is no other way to describe it.

“The drivers feel that it’s absolutely ridiculous that they have to hammer customers with this charge.”

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