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by Lacey Pfalz
Last updated: 2:45 PM ET, Wed April 24, 2024

Intrepid Travel is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and co-found Darrell Wade is traveling to each of the company’s 27 country offices to announce its 2030 strategy, which includes doubling its customers and expanding in North America with a new West Coast office. 

The certified B-Corp hopes to welcome 600,000 customers globally by 2030 and is expecting the new North American office to encourage this growth. Intrepid currently employs 150 staff and over 200 tour leaders and guides on the continent, which has more than doubled since the pandemic. 

Intrepid earned a net profit of $14.2 million USD in 2023, marking the end of the post-pandemic recovery period, and it’s now able to look ahead to fostering more sustainable and responsible travel experiences. American bookings grew 15 percent year over year in 2023. 

During the first quarter of 2024, North American revenue grew 9 percent from the same period in 2023. 

The 2030 strategy plan includes doubling its customers to 600,000, achieving revenues of US$850 million and donating 1 percent of all revenue to its purpose initiatives.

It also launched a book deal with Hardie Grant Explore to publish a series of books over the next three years. Its first book, The Intrepid List, will be published this October. It will also undergo the recertification process for its B Corp status. 

“If we are successful in our 2030 Strategy, Intrepid will give back a record amount to environmental and social causes that we believe in as a business,” said James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel, “We will provide more travelers with more incredible experiences, more inspiration, more joy and more new ideas than ever before. And we will be one of the most exciting, rewarding and innovative places to work – not in travel, but in the world.”


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