Intrepid Travel is
tapping into the rising interest in train travel with the launch of a new
dedicated rail travel range featuring 40 itineraries, including three brand new
routes. The Trans-Mongolian Railway Adventure,
Express to the Orient from Paris to Istanbul,
and Paris to Rome by Rail
are among the highlights.

The move comes as new data from Intrepid shows that
75% of travelers are hoping to take a train journey on their next trip,
primarily motivated by the chance to take in scenic views, relax and experience
iconic rail routes. Environmental impact is also a major factor, with 87%
saying they would consider an alternative transportation option that reduces
their carbon footprint, even if it means a longer journey.

The new rail trips will allow Intrepid’s customers
to travel at a slower pace, immerse themselves in the countryside and interact
more with locals while riding commuter trains accompanied by one of Intrepid’s
leaders. The average group size on these trips are just 10-12 people.

In addition to the three new marquee routes, the

includes iconic journeys like Bangkok to Southern Thailand, as well as
lesser-known routes such as Varanasi to Agra in India. There are also rail
family adventures highlighting destinations like Japan’s Tokyo to Kyoto, and
Italy’s Rome to Pompeii.

The rail launch is part of Intrepid’s broader
decarbonization strategy and long-term plan to swap out internal flights for
lower-emission transport options, where feasible.

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