A comprehensive survey conducted by Internova Travel Group has unveiled significant trends in the travel habits of American consumers. According to the survey, Americans are increasingly turning to travel advisors for assistance in planning and booking leisure trips.

“I am delighted with the outcomes of this survey, which show that a growing number of consumers understand the vital service we provide, and they consider us an essential partner in their travel planning,” said J.D. O’Hara, CEO of Internova Travel Group. “Travel advisors across all of our brands proved their value during the pandemic when their clients had a real human being to call for assistance as business and leisure trips were disrupted.”

Key findings from the survey include:

– Increased Leisure Travel: The average number of annual leisure trips per traveler grew by 4% from November 2022 to October 2023, with international travel experiencing a 10% increase during the same period.

– Upcoming Travel Trends: The survey indicates strong growth for leisure travel in 2024, with the majority of leisure travelers planning to maintain or increase their travel activity. Younger travelers, particularly those under age 35, show a higher inclination towards international destinations such as Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

– Preference for Travel Advisors: Both younger and older travelers are increasingly relying on travel advisors to plan their trips, with nearly 60% expressing a preference for human assistance. Travelers value the expertise and support provided by advisors, especially in unforeseen circumstances.

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– Diverse Travel Preferences: Analysis of booking data reveals distinct travel preferences across age groups. While older travelers tend to opt for premium seats and luxury hotels, younger travelers often choose economy flights and luxury accommodations. Younger travelers also exhibit strong interest in wellness retreats, adventure activities and sustainability initiatives.

The survey also highlights the importance of tailored approaches in the travel industry to accommodate the diverse preferences of different age groups. 

Compiled by Internova Analytics and Consulting, the 2023 Internova Index leveraged data from millions of travel bookings and surveyed more than 3,000 U.S. travelers across various demographics. The full report is available online

Editor’s Note: This article was generated by AI, based on a press release distributed by Internova Travel Group. It was fact-checked and reviewed by a TravelAge West editor.

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