• Reporter Brianna LeCompte swears by a Disney travel hack
  • A TikTok user posted a video last year of Magic Kingdom’s low attendance 
  • LeCompte suggested that travelers go to Disney World when parks close early

Walt Disney World travel hack is all about anticipating when crowds will be the lightest using the theme parks’ scheduling to your advantage when it comes to planning your trip.

According to reporter Brianna LeCompte of AllEars, a popular planning hack can help you plan your trip with fewer people in the park.

LeCompte suggested that anyone hoping to avoid the long wait lines visit the parks on a night when they close early due to a special event.

For instance, Magic Kingdom, which closes at 10:00 pm, shutters early in the fall for days when Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is scheduled at night. 

During nights when there is a special ticketed event, those who go to the park without access to the afterhours shindig may experience an unexpected benefit: lighter crowds, as seen in this TikTok video

According to Brianna LeCompte of AllEars, the best day to go to a Disney World theme park is on a day where they are scheduled to close early
A TikToker known as @wdwnt posted a video back in 2023 of her walking around Hollywood Studios at what a commenter called ‘a ghost town’

An early closure makes would-be attendees less likely to want to go to the park, but either way, impatient park hoppers will likely still have the time of their lives. 

However, those looking to go during the summer may struggle to find a time to hit the parks when the crowds are dwindling.

In fact, Magic Guide’s annual Disney World Crowd Calendar indicates that Magic Kingdom will have a consistently average amount of park attendees throughout the last week of May.

And while choosing a day when there’s a ticketed event usually means you have the park to yourself, there are certain event days that should be avoided altogether. 

Officials at AllEars also found that the Disney Park Pass option was sold out for June 5 – the day Hollywood Studios closes early for SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando.

Disney World in Florida usually plans to be open for 365 days a year, unless there’s a natural disaster or ill weather that would force the attraction to close all of its parks
However, all of the Disney parks are all closed by 10:00. Magic Kingdom is the last of the Disney theme parks to close every night

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The Disney World Crowd Calendar, which is designed to help park goes choose the best time to visit one of its parks, has concluded that crowds at most of the theme parks will have above-average numbers throughout this month.

Hollywood Studios, which is known for being the home of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Fantasmic Show and Fireworks, is predicted to have 10 other above-average crowds on weekdays this month.

Epcot and Animal Kingdom goers should also expect to experience  above-average crowds as well.

Magic Kingdom, which is famous for its Cinderella Castle, is the only park that will have a below-average crowd this month.

The biggest drop in crowds is scheduled to begin this year at the end of August, which is when most schools start back in session.

All of the parks will experience a major crowd boom in October, and most of them are predicted to have heavy crowds from December 24 to December 31 this year.  

The Disney World Crowd Calendar this month that the most above average crowds will be at Hollywood Studios and that it will be closed early on June 5

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