A mum loves Bacardi Breezers so much she travels the world in search of them. Lisa Terry, 41, loves the rum-infused alcopop as it reminds her of her youth.

She has been as far away as Thailand in her pursuit of the booze – and takes regular trips to Spain and Denmark where they are still widely available.

The ‘traditional’ Bacardi Breezer was discontinued in Britain in 2015. A new generation was launched in 2019 featuring grown-up flavours like lemon and elderflower – but Lisa is still a fan of the old bottles.

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The teacher from Northwich, Cheshire, she makes sure to stock up when she is on her trips so she can enjoy the drink at home too.

She said: “I just love them. They’re a bit of light-hearted fun. They remind me of being young, of dancing, and sitting in the sun. They bring a little of that warm sunshine into your home.

“And because there’s a bit of sugar in them – and some E numbers – they give you a bit more energy on the dancefloor.”

Lisa has travelled as far as Thailand in search of the drink (Image: SWNS)

Lisa, husband Chris, 46, and their ten-year-old daughter holiday in European and Asian destinations because they are the easiest places to buy Bacardi Breezers.

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