A bloke who sacked off his job at Nando’s to travel the world for ‘free’ revealed how he managed to live a ‘dream life’.

Axel Dejean, 29, first started out as a waiter in the popular chicken restaurant where he eventually worked his way up to assistant manager and then customer relations. Despite successfully climbing the progression ladder, Axel didn’t believe he was fulfilling his ‘purpose’.

The Londoner had a travel itch that he longed to scratch so decided to take the leap and set his sights on trotting the globe. But, that can be costly.

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After spending five years at Nando’s, Axel juggled being a Travel Coordinator for group travel company WeRoad, which specialises in organising worldwide tours for solo travellers. For the role, Axel, who lives with his wife, was assigned a tour from a list of destinations with expertly made itineraries.

Axel used to work at Nando’s (Image: WeRoad)

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