• Ian Huddart, 59, of Tonbridge, Kent, has visited 115 countries in his lifetime 

A former accountant gave up their job to travel the world and has already visited 115 countries across the world. 

Ian Huddart, 59, of Tonbridge, Kent, has plans to see another 23 countries in the future, having already been heli-snowboarding in Sochi, Russia, as well as white-water rafting down the Zambezi River.

A retired charter accountant, Mr Huddart is now frequently accompanied by members of his family. 

He appears to have passed on the travel to his daughter, who has already travelled to nearly 60 countries despite being in her early twenties. 

After finishing a maths degree at Bristol University in 1986, Mr Huddard worked night shifts at a bakery in Chislehurst so he could save up enough money to purchase a round-the-world plane ticket. 

This map shows countries across the world, with the ones filled in dark blue showing where Ian has visited on his travels
Mr Huddart, 59, of Tonbridge, Kent, has visited 115 countries across the world and plans to add 23 more to his list before the end of 2024

Having worked at the bakery for four months, Ian swapped south-east London for south-east Asia, before moving on to experience life in Australia, New Zealand and South America. 

Speaking about his favourite experience abroad, the veteran traveller said his fondest memory is of Tikal – the ruin an ancient city – in Guatemala. 

A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area is part of Tikal National Park and is one of the largest centres of pre-Columbian Maya civilisation.  

‘It’s a lot less known than many famous sites, and I think that’s why it felt very special to me the first time round, as I knew so little about it, Mr Huddard told The Telegraph

After returning to the site 30 years later with his family, they watched the sunset from one of the pyramids in Tikal. 

‘It was absolutely stunning, and I think my wife knew then that I hadn’t overhyped it, despite me going on about it for years,’ he continued. 

Before the end of 2023, Ian plans to visit Senegal, with trips to countries including Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar (formerly Burma) on his agenda in 2024. 

Asked what advice he would give for anyone wanting to going travelling and explore the world, Mr Huddard said: ‘Don’t be afraid. I’ve had very few bad experiences on the road, and you will meet some lovely people along the way. 

‘Just book a flight to somewhere that you’ve never been, get on the plane and at the other end, simply wander around, taking it all in,’ he added.  

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