Eve has landed and Stellar Blade is attracting a huge amount of attention and not just for the obvious reasons. We have got a great game on our hands and it’s time to dig a little deeper and see what Stellar Blade is all about. If you want to see the kinds of review scores Stellar Blade has been getting you can check our review round-up if you need any extra convincing.

Most games these days have a method of Fast Travel, enabling you to get around the game world in as quick a possible time and not get stuck in some kind of walking loop. Some people don’t mind meandering around, but others just want to get from place to place and in that case, Fast Travel is definitely for you. So let’s find out what the fast travel options in Stellar Blade are, how to activate them, and make the most of the mechanic.

Stellar Blade Fast Travel

First off, the good news is that Stellar Blade does feature Fast Travel, so yay for that. What we are looking for generally are payphones, and you will come across the first one you are able to use, thus unlocking fast travel when you reach the point in the story that you get to the first supply camp.

There you can use the payphone to travel to other payphones you have discovered. At this early point, you will only have the one option but as you play through the game more payphones will unlock.

Don’t forget to do all the other useful things that the supply camp offers you such as upgrading your weaponry.

It takes about 90 minutes or so of gameplay before this supply camp area comes into play so don’t worry early on if you think you may have missed it, you likely haven’t.

Fast travelling regions via the Tetrapod

While payphones will get you around with a region, if you want to travel between regions you will need to make use of the Tetrapod Dropship. To do this merely need to speak to Adam and select the option.

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