Google announced a new batch of AI travel tools on Thursday. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI

March 28 (UPI) — Google unveiled a new batch of AI travel tools for users on Thursday.

Using it’s proprietary AI “Gemini,” Google has integrated the tech to power traditional tools like search, maps and lens to give users more options when dreaming up new vacation ideas, researching travel locations and planning activities.


Google said it is testing new, AI-powered capabilities in Search allowing customers to use the search bar as a travel agent by feeding it more specific instructions, like “plan me a 3 day trip to Philadelphia that’s all about history.”

In a statement, Google said the new Search Generative Experience (SGE) would offer a list of attractions and restaurants, “plus an overview of your flight and hotel options,” using reviews, photos and other business profile details” that people have submitted to the company.

The new features are currently available in the U.S. to users who enroll in Search Labs and enable SGE.

The company also announced five more tools including customized lists in Maps and the ability to curate a travel wardrobe with Search with a personalized style recommendations tool.

On mobile browsers or in the Google app, when you search clothing options, users will see a new section labeled “style recommendations,” where they can rate options and receive curated results in real time.

Google is also updating its Lens feature to deliver reality “translation,” an option that will let users translate PDF menus, pull up reviews for real-world locations and decipher the area tourists are visiting. Users will now be able to point their camera and ask basic questions about their surroundings.

“Perhaps you’re at a museum and want to know more about a certain work of art. You can snap a photo, ask “why did the artist paint this?” and get a quick overview with the information you need, along with links to dive deeper. It’s almost like having a tour guide in your pocket,” the statement read.

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