Several Google platforms are offering helpful updates that can make it easier to compare travel options and plan for upcoming trips. Specifically, Search, Maps, and Shopping have improved travel tools. Here’s more about what has changed in each platform.

Generative AI In Search

Google Search began incorporating generative AI to provide personalized travel tips during the summer of 2023. Since then, its research capabilities have improved. Capabilities include travel reviews, photos, and suggestions from over 200 million destinations.

This search experience suggests follow-up questions and allows users to type in questions to receive answers within seconds. It includes answer snippets and suggested links to learn more from topic experts.

It’s possible to start receiving these extra details by enrolling in Search Labs and enabling Search Generative Experience (SGE). After enabling this feature, look for the “generate” button on the search engine.

Recommendation Lists In Maps

Customizable lists of recommendations are rolling out in select cities when looking up locations in Google Maps. The curated collections can make it easier for first-time and repeat visitors to find the best restaurants, popular activities, and other current events.

The recommendation lists have three different listing modes:

  • Trending List: Updates weekly with places that see a notable uptick in popularity on Maps.
  • Top List: Places that Maps users consistently love and provide positive ratings for.
  • Gems List: Overlooked locations and secret spots with high ratings that are less visible than popular restaurants, stores, and attractions.

It’s also possible to create and share customizable lists. Further, the Google AI tools summarize photos and reviews that other visitors have left to expedite the research process.

Translate On-Screen Text

Since January 2024, select Android devices have the Circle to Search feature. It allows users to select text currently on the screen after long-pressing the navigation bar or home button. This tool doesn’t require switching apps and has circling, highlighting, scribbling, and tapping capabilities to learn more about that particular snippet.

Soon, this feature can translate text, including restaurant menu PDFs and social media posts.

This blog post lists capable devices and the rollout dates for other Android handhelds.

Personalized Travel Wardrobes

Most households may not realize that Google Shopping contains over 45 billion product listings, including travel gear. The Shopping Graph now provides personalized style recommendations after selecting the “style recommendations” label.

Other filters include customer reviews, merchants with discounted pricing, color, brand, and certain design features. It’s now easier to check off items on the packing list for trips during any season and to any destination.

The suggestions for travel-friendly clothing, luggage, and accessories become more precise as you rate options with a thumbs up or thumbs down. If it’s not an opportune time to buy, the shopping platform saves your preferences so you can find the most relevant matches in future searches.

Final Thoughts

These new features can help you easily build personalized itineraries using Google’s multiple travel and shopping tools. The new perks are in addition to recent travel bookings, including price protection coverage on qualifying flights and AI-powered trip planning functions.

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