Based on circumstances and identity, everyone would have their own choice of that single change that has impacted them and transformed lives. From the bullock cart to cars to railroads to air and space travel, electricity, ships, defence mechanisms including submarines, jets, missiles, projectiles and drones, energy, industry, infrastructure, the internet, email, television, movies/entertainment, fashion, food, healthcare and so many other options, my favorite has been the invention of commercial aircraft. In many ways, this invention has been the most transformative in my life as it allowed me to efficiently travel and see more than half the world.

We sometimes take things for granted but imagine a world where, just as one example, you had to continue traveling by sea. My father took a month for his travel from the United Kingdom to India after his deputation with the British Army in 1956/1957. Owing to the Arab-Israeli war, the Suez Canal was closed, and they had to travel around the Cape of Good Hope (the southern tip of Africa). It took me over three weeks to travel from Goa in India to Antarctica by sea in 1987.

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