In celebration of World Car Free Day on Friday 22 September, West Berkshire Council is pleased to announce that most of our bus operators will be offering free bus travel throughout the day across West Berkshire!

World Car Free Day is an annual global event which allows people to enjoy their local area car free and embrace sustainable travel options. Leaving the car at home for a day encourages individuals and communities to use alternative modes for a cleaner, healthier future.

Partnering with our bus service providers including Reading Buses, Newbury & District, Thames Travel, Stagecoach, and Going Forward Buses, West Berkshire Council will make it possible for residents to enjoy complimentary bus travel on these operators’ services within West Berkshire. If your journey ends up outside of West Berkshire (for example into Reading) then ask for a return ticket when your board the bus in West Berkshire in order for your return fare to be covered by the free travel offer.

Concessionary Bus Passes will continue to be accepted on this special day, further promoting inclusivity and ease of use for all residents.

Cllr Denise Gaines, Executive Member for Highways, Housing and Sustainable Travel at West Berkshire Council, said:

“Using the bus, walking or cycling are all great ways to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit for the planet.

“The benefits of going car-free extend far beyond a single day. Cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, enhanced physical health, and a stronger sense of community are just a few of the many advantages. By taking part in this global movement, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and vibrant future.

“For those who don’t use public transport regularly, this is the perfect opportunity to try an alternative mode of transport and leave the car at home. Let’s drive change together, one car-free day at a time!”

Robert Williams, CEO of Reading Buses, said:

“Once again we are teaming up with West Berkshire Council to offer free travel for World Car Free Day.

“All customers need to do is board the bus in West Berkshire and their single or return trips will be free – with return trips being issued a ticket of course!

“This initiative is extremely important to ensure that people have the opportunity to leave their car behind and see how easy it is to use the bus to help reduce both pollution and congestion. It also helps to remind us that buses are much more environmentally friendly these days too, with all our buses operating with the latest technology to reduce emissions – many of our buses have fewer emissions than even a normal family car. We hope that many people take advantage of this free offer and join us on board this World Car Free Day.”

World Car Free Day encourages us all to consider sustainable alternatives to private vehicles for our daily journeys. By offering free bus travel, West Berkshire Council aims to inspire residents to explore eco-friendly transportation options, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a cleaner and greener future for our community.

For more information and details about participating bus services, please visit the West Berkshire Council transport page.

The full list of routes is as follows:

Services that operate entirely within West Berkshire:

Route Number



1a/1c /1e

Newbury & District

Newbury to Thatcham


Newbury & District

Newbury to Wash Common/Tesco


Newbury & District

Newbury to Hungerford


Newbury & District

Newbury to Lambourn


WBC Connect

Newbury to Downlands Villages


Newbury & District

Newbury to East/West Ilsley


Newbury & District

Newbury to Tesco, Greenham and Pigeons Farm


Newbury & District

Newbury to Racecourse


WBC Connect

Theale to Thatcham/Newbury


The following routes will offer free bus travel in West Berkshire, whatever the destination and will offer return travel back to West Berkshire if a return ticket is requested when boarding the bus in West Berkshire:





Stagecoach South

Newbury to Basingstoke

Jet Black 1

Reading Buses

Newbury to Reading

Lime 2/2a

Reading Buses

Mortimer/Burghfield to Reading


Stagecoach South

Andover/Burghclere to Newbury

Sky Blue 15

Reading Buses

Theale/Calcot to Reading

Sky Blue 16

Reading Buses

Purley on Thames to Reading

Yellow 26

Reading Buses

Calcot to Reading

Royal Blue 33

Reading Buses

Turnham’s Farm to Reading


WBC Connect

Beenham to Thatcham via Tadley


WBC Connect

Lambourn to Swindon


Newbury & District

Newbury to Greenham Business Park


Going Forward Buses

Goring to Wallingford via Streatley


Thames Travel

Upper Basildon to Reading


Thames Travel

Newbury to Didcot


Free Bus Travel will not be offered on the Hungerford to Marlborough service, or the Hungerford to Swindon service.

The latest bus timetable booklet is on our website – Travel Guide [6MB]

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