“A World Cup for the Climate” is the name of the initiative, which will be presented in Lisbon and Barcelona, taking into account that, in 2030, Portugal, Spain, and Morocco will host the competition.

One of the proposals is the creation of “green tickets”, a pass for the games, with rail transport included and other public transport for travel within cities, at a lower price than the “brown ticket”, by contrast, without transport included, Acácio Pires, leader of the Zero association, which is part of the Aliança Ibérica, told Lusa agency.

The crossing to Morocco would be done by sea, always avoiding transport by plane, he added.

“For now, as part of the Alliance, we will take the necessary steps with the federations in Portugal and Spain, but the involvement of governments is also necessary”, defended Acácio Pires.

The next world championships, he maintained, must achieve concrete objectives for carbon neutrality: “It is necessary that they rely less on emissions offsets and more on effective reductions”.

One way to achieve climate objectives is to reduce emissions in the transport sector, he highlighted.

“In addition to national federations and green tickets, we seek to draw the attention of FIFA (International Football Federation) to act responsibly,” he added.

The Alliance hopes that the new Government will move forward with the investments already planned in the railway and launch the new high-speed Lisbon-Madrid connection, requested by the mayor of Lisbon City Council, Carlos Moedas.

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