If there’s one thing we’ve come to know about Eugene Levy, it’s that he’s a reluctant traveler. So much so that he’s literally made an entire show about it.

At 77 years old, Levy has starred in iconic titles including American Pie, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and, of course, Schitt’s Creek.

However, while he’s certainly been on screens all over the world, he’s been more hesitant to get out there and explore for himself.

Thankfully, Apple TV+’s series The Reluctant Traveler has helped Levy see the world in a new way, with the show now returning for its second series.

After pointing out all the annoying little things about airports, Levy obliges each episode by traveling to somewhere new, this time taking on Europe.

Speaking to UNILAD, Levy admitted he had high hopes for the trip – but it wasn’t quite what he expected it to be.

“When I was told we were doing Europe, North to South, I actually got kind of excited because I thought we’d be doing you know, my favourite places – London, Rome,” he said.

Levy's experience wasn't quite what he expected.


In reality, he ended up in locations ‘off the beaten path’, facing experiences he could have never imagined.

During his travels, Levy got a glimpse into shocking living conditions in Glasgow, and found himself herding 600 sheep down ‘the most expensive piece of real estate in all of Germany’.

If you were wondering, sheep are ‘pushy little things’, according to Levy. “They seem gentle, but boy, they can knock you over,” he said.

“I’ve got my Moses staff, and that’s it. They almost knocked me over about a dozen times. They were out of control, I mean, I honestly couldn’t do much to keep them in line.”

Still, Levy resolved: “Stories to tell. That’s what I’m getting out of the show,” he said.

And while herding 600 sheep definitely makes for a good story, it wasn’t the strangest moment Levy’s experienced on his travels.

Eugene explores Europe in season two of his travel show.


That took place in Sweden, when Levy found himself in the middle of the woods, with a net on his head and an unusual object in his mouth.

I’ll let him explain further.

“I’m out in this wooded, mosquito-infested forest, trying to call a moose,” he said.

It’s about as weird as it sounds. The actor was tasked with trying to entice a moose to come into view with the help of an instrument which mimicked the sound of a female moose, and he really gave it everything he had.

The local man who accompanied Levy on his endeavour did warn the moose might be disappointed to be met with a ‘little fat guy from the North’ rather than a female moose, but thankfully Levy didn’t have to find out what a disappointed moose looked like as his calls failed to entice one.

“I think [that] could have been the most bizarre thing I’ve done in any of the countries. But I did it,” he said. “I’m doing my damndest.”

While moose calling might not be everyone’s idea of a dream vacation, Levy is hopeful that his series will make people more excited about getting out to see the world in general.

Eugene Levy's most bizarre moment involved a moose - or a lack thereof.


“I have run into a lot of people that identify with the fact that they don’t like to travel,” he said. “[People who say] ‘you’re just like me, it’s hard to get off the couch and kind of get out’…

“But for the most part, I think people find it exciting and fun to get out.”

“Hopefully the show caters to both,” producer David Brindley added. “So the people that are sitting at home thinking, ‘Well, I’m exactly like Eugene and I wouldn’t want to travel’, but they get to explore the world from that from this sofa. “And also the people that really want to [travel] get tips on where to go.”

“That’s a key goal for the show,” Levy said. “…It’s just beautiful to look at. And I think that would have an appeal to people who just love travelling and… for people who don’t necessarily love to travel, maybe it’s that little nudge they need to [say] ‘well, if he can do it, and you know, maybe I can do it’.”

The Reluctant Traveler premieres globally on Apple TV+ on March 8, 2024 and will air new episodes weekly every Friday through April 12, 2024.

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