Broadcaster Roman Kemp with Minnie and Mickey Mouse on board Disney Dream cruise ship

A UK-based primary school teacher, along with their class of students (who will each get to bring up to three family or friends), will win a four-night UK sailing on board Disney Dream this summer. 

The cruise will offer a series of specially crafted lessons designed exclusively for the winners and there will be the chance to learn from Disney professionals. 

Broadcaster Roman Kemp, who presents The One Show on BBC One, said: “I’m truly excited to be part of the Ultimate School Trip with Disney Cruise Line because it offers teachers the chance to reward not only themselves but also their students and families.

“Teachers consistently go above and beyond, and they deserve a little something extra. This opportunity can certainly provide them with that.”

How teachers can enter the Ultimate School Trip contest

The Ultimate School Trip initiative is open for entries now until 31st March, 2024. After gaining permission to enter on behalf of their school, teachers are invited to create and upload a maximum 60-second video showing why they want to go on the cruise. 

Broadcaster Roman Kemp moulds slime as part of a fun activity on board Disney Dream cruise ship

Kemp added: “The best advice I can offer to teachers who are entering their class into the contest is to embrace fun and imagination in their entry video. Ultimately, they have a whole classroom of individuals who can inspire them with ideas. So, it’s essential to foster as much creativity as possible.”

The winning teacher, along with their entire class and up to three guests each, will sail on the Disney Dream for a UK sailing from 12th – 16th August this year.

More about the Ultimate School Trip

The Disney crew members onboard the Disney Dream, will offer Disney-themed entertainment, science lessons, and hospitality, providing insights and experiences that are said to extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. From behind-the-scenes glimpses into the magic storytelling of Disney to interactive learning activities, the school trip promises to inspire and captivate young minds in unforgettable ways.

Broadcaster Roman Kemp on board Disney Dream cruise ship

Speaking at the launch, Roman Kemp reflected on his own school experiences, saying: “I’m not sure if it’s my absolute favourite memory from school, but one that’s certainly unforgettable is when I portrayed the role of Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Yes, you heard it right. I played Alice, and to this day, it remains one of the most remarkable experiences at school.”

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