Karla Bennett and husband Matt quit their jobs and sold everything they owned to travel the world full-time with their children – and say they have “everything in life”

The Bennett family are currently traveling around the world (Karla Bennett / SWNS)

A couple worn down by the grind have sold everything to embark on a round the world trip with their kids.

Karla Bennett, 34, and her husband Matt, 37, both directors in their own construction business, found themselves working a combined total of 80 hours per week. Despite having successful careers, a beautiful five-bedroom house, and four children, they realised that they had no time to enjoy any of it.

After years of working away and feeling like they were too tied down to their businesses, the couple came to the conclusion that there must be more to life. In March 2023 the pair made the bold move of selling their business and home, and taking their children out of school, to embark on a full-time world tour with their children Paige, 11, Jaxon, 9, Harper, 6, and Indie, 4.

Over the past seven months, the family has visited six countries, starting with Vietnam, then spending two weeks in Malaysia and a month in Thailand. They enjoyed three months in Portugal before visiting Morocco for a few weeks, heading on to Thailand for another month and then finally arriving in Japan, where they currently reside.

The family have been to Averio in Portugal (Karla Bennett / SWNS)
The family also made it to Thailand (Karla Bennett / SWNS)

“We got to a point where we had everything in life that we aimed for, but we had no time to enjoy any of it and thought there has to be more to life than this. Most of the countries we go to offer more freedom than we had. We don’t have to be anywhere by a certain time, and it takes all that stress away – so it’s a much more relaxed lifestyle,” Karla said.

“It was all very last minute though. We sold our business and our house all in three months and had no plans, just booked tickets to Vietnam and made it all up as we went along.”

The couple admitted that it took them some time to get out of “holiday mode” and reduce their spending, but they now “live like locals”. Matt, who also works in social media marketing, added: “As we’ve gone along, we’ve realised how to live a lot cheaper. We weren’t watching where our money went initially and now, we’re living more locally.

“It took a while to adapt and to be able to get out of that holiday mode and know that this our life now. We have learnt so much along the way and we’ve become closer and been able to absorb other cultures and truly live like locals.”

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