If, like us, you regularly struggle to find a restaurant in Soho – let alone London – that ticks all the boxes, then we’re here to solve all your problems. Or, better yet, Paradise Soho is.

Located in the heart of the capital, the restaurant is the perfect blend of rich Sri Lankan cuisine and cool London interiors. Inspired by the cuisine and energy of Colombo, as well as the coastal delights of Galle, the restaurant tantalises guests with modern takes on curries, hoppers, and dahls, with a focus on original produce and classic cocktail infusions through a 21st century lens (wait until you try the alcohol-free Nuwara-Eliya style peach and almond iced-tea…).

Beloved by veggies and meat eaters alike, the menu is a journey east, through ulundu-vadai dahl doughnuts, served with a hat of whipped sheep’s ricotta, and Kimbula-banis, paired with a green chilli custard, kithul glaze, date and lime chutney, and Neils Yard’s Corra Linn. If you want to kick of proceedings with some hearty veggie dishes, we suggest ordering a bit of everything, from the Southern-style turmeric and saffron dahl and fried long aubergine, to the heart-wrenchingly good seared whey-brined Leicestershire paneer.

Then settle yourselves in for the ‘hero dishes’, in our opinion – a grilled arrack and soy dry-aged sirloin steak, seared hand-dived Orkney scallops, and a dry-fried minced chicken, served with dark roasted spices, and parsley sambol, that’s so delicious, we could’ve cried. But what’s a Sri Lankan meal without an egg rice-flour hopper and layers upon layers of lamb-fat infused paratha rotis (suggestion: order two and take the second plate home for a midnight snack)?

Finish your tastebud journey to Sri Lanka with the restaurant’s take on a mini Magnum (it’s made of coconut, Earl Grey infused white chocolate, and topped with a coconut biscuit crumb), and you’ll officially have found your new favourite dining spot in Soho.

Location: 61 Rupert Street, London, W1D 7PW

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