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For decades, Europe has been described as one of the most beautiful countries to travel to. It’s rich history, plentiful experiences, and culture that provide enriching and educational experiences. Additionally, Europe has some of the best LGBTQIA-friendly travel destinations.

No one wants to be in fear or anxiety when traveling because of their sexuality. If you are looking to travel with your partner soon or finally want to get that vacation you and your friends have been planning out of the group chat, look no further! In no particular order, here are five of Europe’s best LGBTQIA-friendly travel destinations.

1. Malta

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Malta is an excellent destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers! The country has many tourist destinations, rich with medieval history, and many Michelin-starred restaurants.

Most importantly, Malta has been rated first on ILGA-Europe’s Rainbow Europe Index of LGBTQIA+ equality. According to The Guardian, the country is one of five countries in the world to hold LGBTQIA+ rights at a constitutional level. When you are ready to plan your next trip, consider Malta!

2. Vienna

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If you are looking to travel to a place full of LGBTQIA+ history, Vienna, Austria, is just the place for you! European Best Destinations states that for years, Vienna has long been the place of vacation for LGBTQIA+ folx. Additionally, several activities and places specifically support the LGBTQIA+ community, including bookstores and shops.

3. Copenhagen

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For musical theater and production enthusiasts, consider Copenhagen for your next vacation. The city is extremely friendly to members of the queer community, with those local to the city stating Copenhagen is “the LGBTQ+ neighborhood of Scandinavia.” The city is home to Bøssehuset, the go-to place for theater performances and more. The Guardian also recommends Centralhjørnet, one of Europe’s oldest gay bars, for a taste of the area’s drag entertainment. 

4. Swiss Alps

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If you prefer to travel in the winter months, we included the perfect destination for snow lovers. Visit Europe suggests the Swiss Alps for the ski trip of your dreams. The website suggests the LGBT-friendly ski resort Arosa Lenzerheide, which holds the annual Gay Ski Week every January. For those who would like to visit outside of the skiing event, fear not. The area is LGBTQIA+ friendly year-round.

5. London

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London is an extremely diverse and accepting area, so it is no surprise that the city has been named one of Europe’s best LGBTQIA+ friendly travel destinations! Whether you’re interested in shopping or just want to visit the sites, there is something for you to do! However, for our fashion lovers, this is the destination for you. Take a stroll down Oxford Street to shop at major brands’ flagship stores. Visit one of the most renowned department stores, Harrods or Westfield Stratford, for urban items.

Everyone deserves to travel in peace without ridicule, harassment, or dirty looks! Though society is progressing, it is important to remain safe. Consider one of Europe’s best LGBTQIA+ friendly destinations for your next trip!

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