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by Lacey Pfalz
Last updated: 9:40 AM ET, Tue May 21, 2024

Custom tour operator Avanti Destinations is offering a new way for travelers and their travel advisors to easily access important travel documents: the new Mobile Documents app, available on all mobile devices. 

Travel advisors can learn how to use the new app through an online video demonstration on Avanti’s advisor portal.

One month before a client leaves on their trip, Avanti’s documents team will send travel advisors their clients’ documents along with an invitation to the app. Within the app, travelers and advisors can easily download all their travel documents, including train tickets, vouchers and QR codes. Additionally, clients can easily find contact information for suppliers on the app to contact if needed.

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Avanti Destinations’ new Mobile Documents app easily allows travelers and travel advisors access to important documents. (Photo Credit: Avanti Destinations)

“Eight months in development, the new app has been tested by advisors on our educational fam trips earlier this year and enthusiastically received,” said Nate Guilfoyle, Director of Web Services at Avanti. “We also tested it with nearly 100 clients of advisors. The Mobile Documents App is a companion to, not a replacement for, Avanti’s paper and electronic documents – all three can be used together.” 

“During our soft launch, we had multi-generational families traveling together,” continued Guilfoyle. “While the parents preferred the paper documents, their adult children engaged with our itinerary using the mobile docs app. Even though the new app frees you from carrying paper, we always recommend having printed documents for backup.”

Avanti Destinations, founded in 1981, sells independent and custom vacations in 57 different countries across the globe, all through travel advisors. 

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