Abercrombie & Kent Travel Group had announded the launch of its new Peruvian riverboat. Set to embark on its maiden voyage in April 2025, the boat is the company’s first riverboat in South America, offering guests an extraordinary journey onboard an elegantly designed vessel into the region’s most secluded wonders. The name of this vessel will be announced shortly.

With almost 25 years of experience in Peru, A&K brings unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of the Amazon’s unique biodiversity and cultural heritage. The company’s long-standing tradition of excellence in river cruising, honed through decades of navigating Egypt’s legendary Nile River, combined with the maritime legacy of owner Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio’s family, ensures that this new riverboat will offer guests an exceptional and unrivalled journey through the Amazon’s captivating landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

This new venture is the result of a collaboration between A&K and its expedition yacht brand in the Galapagos, Ecoventura. Drawing on Ecoventura’s extensive experience and success in building and operating luxury expedition vessels in the sensitive environment of the Galapagos Islands, they are uniquely positioned to develop a riverboat that showcases the same level of expertise, sustainability, and attention to detail in the heart of the Amazon.

‘The launch of this new riverboat marks a momentous chapter for Abercrombie & Kent’, says Cristina Levis, CEO of Abercrombie & Kent Travel Group. ‘This venture embodies our unwavering commitment to delivering experiences that are not only luxurious but also deeply enriching and sustainable. We are excited to introduce our guests to the untold stories and serene beauty of the Peruvian Amazon in a manner that honours and preserves the essence of this remarkable destination.’

Comfort and Elegance

The new riverboat, a floating boutique hotel, features 10 exquisitely designed double cabins and two single cabins that provide guests with a tranquil haven amid the vibrant life of the Amazon. Each suite showcases sophisticated design, incorporating local materials and artistry, and boasts breathtaking views of the ever-changing landscapes through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Immersive Excursions and Authentic Engagements

With A&K’s signature expedition expertise and renowned guiding at the forefront, the riverboat’s meticulously crafted 3- and 4-night itineraries ensure guests experience the untamed beauty and diverse cultures of the Amazon. Guests aboard will explore the enigmatic backwaters and lush landscapes of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, encountering abundant wildlife and engage with indigenous communities, all while indulging in the unparalleled luxury and service synonymous with Abercrombie & Kent.

These voyages can be combined to create an immersive 7-night experience, exploring both the Marañon and Ucayali rivers, with all journeys conveniently starting and ending in the port town of Nauta, a short transfer from the city of Iquitos, home to the nearest airport.

The riverboat’s itineraries delve deep into the heart of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, where guests embark on guided excursions in search of encounters with the Amazon’s iconic wildlife, from the elusive pink river dolphins to the enchanting three-toed sloths and the myriad bird species that call this rainforest home.

The riverboat’s eco-friendly skiffs ensure responsible and intimate exploration, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the Amazon’s natural wonders. From fishing in the black waters of the Samiria River to jungle walks under the dense canopy, these excursions offer unparalleled access to the rainforest’s marvels. Opportunities to kayak or canoe through serene tributaries provide a closer perspective of this lush ecosystem, while stargazing experiences on the upper deck and sundowners or breakfasts enjoyed aboard the skiffs create unforgettable moments amid the Amazon’s untamed beauty.

Cultural Immersion and Community Connection

With a long-standing commitment to supporting local communities through A&K Philanthropy (AKP) initiatives worldwide, A&K brings this practice and knowledge to the Amazon, fostering meaningful connections between guests and the region’s indigenous peoples. Beyond wildlife encounters, the riverboat’s journey emphasises authentic engagement with local communities, offering unparalleled insights into their lives and traditions. Guests may visit local schools supported by AKP, engage with community members, and learn about traditional ways of life, fostering a profound sense of place and a deeper understanding of the Amazon’s rich cultural heritage. These interactions not only enrich guests’ experiences but also contribute to the empowerment and preservation of local communities, ensuring that the benefits of tourism are shared with those who call the Amazon home. Through AKP’s ongoing efforts in the region, A&K is committed to supporting sustainable development, education, and conservation initiatives that uplift local communities and protect the Amazon’s invaluable cultural and natural treasures for generations to come.

A Culinary Journey

The onboard dining experience promises to be an adventure, with a menu that celebrates the diverse culinary heritage of the Amazon. The riverboat’s restaurant serves sophisticated dishes that delight the palate as much as the views captivate the eye, ensuring every meal is a discovery of local flavours and ingredients.

A Haven of Relaxation and Reflection

Back on board, the riverboat offers a sanctuary of relaxation amid the excitement of discovery. The outdoor swimming pool provides a serene space to unwind, while the massage room and gym offer indulgent treatments and wellness experiences inspired by Amazonian traditions. The indoor and outdoor lounge and bar areas allow guests to socialise and reflect on their experiences while immersed in breathtaking views.

Unparalleled Service

With a 1:1 guest-to-staff ratio, the new riverboat ensures personalised attention and service that exceeds expectations and that has set A&K above the rest for over 60 years. From the experienced cruise director overseeing every detail of the journey to the attentive staff ready to cater to guests’ every need, service aboard the riverboat is exceptional.

Bookings for A&K’s new Peruvian riverboat are available from June, with 3- and 4-night itineraries departing from Iquitos to Nauta. For more information and to reserve your journey, visit abercrombiekent.com.au or contact your travel professional.

Go Beyond With A&K

For those seeking to further immerse themselves in Peru’s rich history and cultural heritage, A&K offers the opportunity to combine your Amazon adventure with a tailor-made visit to other areas of Peru. Visit the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Discover the ancient Inca citadel, perched high in the Andes Mountains, and unravel the mysteries of this extraordinary archaeological site. A&K’s travel experts can seamlessly arrange this unforgettable extension to your Peruvian journey, ensuring a truly comprehensive and life-changing experience.

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