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Last updated: 3:50 PM ET, Thu April 18, 2024

April is Earth Month and the issues facing the planet have never been more complex or challenging. From global warming to massive biodiversity loss and extreme levels of plastic pollution, the Earth is certainly at a fragile crossroads.

The leaders at Exodus Adventure Travels recognize this reality and in honor of Earth Month, have just launched a new “Lower Carbon Collection” of trips that feature “the lowest levels of CO2.”

In order to establish their eco-friendly collection of trip offerings, Exodus collaborated with the carbon consultancy firm eCollective to map out the carbon footprint for each tour offered.

It was a top-to-bottom effort that involved calculating the carbon emissions of transportation, accommodation, activities, food and even the number of guides used on a tour in order to determine exactly how much CO2 is used to power each adventure.

Some of the intriguing adventures that are part of the new collection include:

  • Manaslu Lodge Circuit: This journey offers a lesser-known trek in the Nepali Himalayas around one of the highest mountains in the world.
  • Cycle the Balkans: Bikers on this Balkans trip experience Southeastern Europe through “history-drenched towns, cloud-brushing mountains and exceptional cuisine.”
  • Costa Rica Family Wild Adventure: Calling all Costa Rica fans. On Exodus’ Lower Carbon exploration of the country you’ll spot dolphins, indulge in chocolate, fly down zip lines, and explore the rainforest at night
  • Ancient & Modern Japan: A trip that takes travelers to the increasingly popular destination of Japan, this journey allows participants to explore temples, lively cities and tranquil mountains
  • Cycle Namibia: What says low carbon footprint better than an off-road bike adventure? Exodus’ Namibia trip takes participants through stunning desert and over dunes.

In addition to launching its new Lower Carbon Collection, Exodus
recently announced
that it has earned its B Corp Certification (which is a rigorous
certification process that recognizes a business’s extensive sustainable
practices.)  The company’s sustainable philosophy includes a variety of
efforts including strategies to decrease the carbon footprint on its
adventures, including eating locally sourced food,
eliminating single-use plastics, respecting and restoring the local
ecosystems, and using renewable energy sources, wherever possible 


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