Premium tour provider Insight Vacations will roll out its first women-only tours in 2025 to encourage solo travel and spotlight women in the travel industry

Ever wished you could travel to someplace exotic without having to wait on your regular travel buddies to align their schedules and agree on a destination? Have you always wanted to take the plunge into the unknown with a solo trip, without the looming fears of safety and convenience? If you do feel this way, you’re not alone as it happens.

Launching in 2025, premium tour operator Insight Vacations’ women-only tours are specially created for women by women to encourage solo female travel as well as highlight the amazing stories of women behind the most unique travel experiences in the world. The Peru with Machu Picchu trip, for instance, will see travellers meeting the Quechua weavers of Peru’s Sacred Valley and learn about the cultural importance of this ancient craft and how their visit helps preserve this culture. The Best of Morrocco Tour involves attending a baking class at a women’s cooperative which empowers women to become professional chefs.

The list goes on, including carefully curated itineraries spanning from North Africa to South America, with trips in Egypt and Portugal to Scotland, Italy, and the US, among others.

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