Terrifying video of people traveling through Drake Passage has people feeling ill

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@theworldpursuit

The TikToker left people feeling ill after filming herself going through the Drake Passage

A woman has documented what it’s like traveling through the terrifying Drake Passage and it’s left people feeling sick.

For those who may not know, the Drake Passage is a body of water between South America’s sourthernmost tip and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica.

Those wanting to go to Antarctica without shelling out for expensive flights have to travel through its terrifying waters.

Take a look:

In the Passage, layers of cold seawater from the south and relatively warm seawater from the north collide and create powerful circular currents.

Combined with strong winds and sometimes violent storms, these currents have given the Drake Passage a reputation for being one of Earth’s roughest waterways.

One woman has shared a video of violent waves hitting her cabin window as she travelled through the Passage on TikTok and it’s left her followers feeling rather queasy.

A woman has shared what it's like traveling through one of the world's roughest waterways. TikTok/@theworldpursuit

A woman has shared what it’s like traveling through one of the world’s roughest waterways. TikTok/@theworldpursuit

Natasha, known as @theworldpursuit, explained in the clip: “To get to Antarctica by ship, you have to cross the Drake Passage. You can either get the Drake Lake or the Drake Shake. And unfortunately, I woke up and we were getting the Drake Shake.

“So I muster up the strength to get out of bed and ask the gods what I did to disappoint them, because little did I know that I would get the Drake Shake on the way back from Antarctica too and it would take twice as long.”

In the video, which quickly went viral, Natasha and another passenger are seen having to hold onto railings for dear life in order to stay standing as the ship rocks violently.

She’s then forced to head back to her room and ‘get horizontal’ as she watches the waves continue to smash into her window.

Natasha needed to 'get horizontal' after brutal waves left her gripping onto railings to stay standing. TikTok/@theworldpursuit

Natasha needed to ‘get horizontal’ after brutal waves left her gripping onto railings to stay standing. TikTok/@theworldpursuit

Natasha then proceeded to share what not to do when traveling on waters such as those seen on the Drake Passage, and that’s to read.

She explained that it was ‘terrible idea’ and proceeded to watch wildlife documentaries instead so she could get excited for what was to come when she finally got to Antarctica.

In total, the ship travelled through the rough waters for a day and a half – and I feel sea sick just thinking about it.

Since the video was posted, thousands of people piled into the comments to share their utter horror at the prospect of being on board.

One user wrote: “I would immediately start crying.”

Another commented: “The water on the window would stress me out!”

A third put: “Those waves would give me a panic attack.”

It’s a no from me…

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