Like most people, I love to travel. Also, like most people, I agree that the act of traveling is generally awful. Exploring a new destination, experiencing a new culture, trying new foods, meeting new people … all wonderful. But packing a suitcase, hustling through an airport and being crammed onto an airplane? All generally terrible.

So, any product that promises to make the traveling experience more tolerable has my undivided attention. Bellroy’s latest travel backpack is one such product, as it’s absolutely loaded with features to both make packing easier and make the journey itself less stressful — particularly at the airport.

bellroy black backpackBellroy

Bellroy Venture Travel Pack 26L

Two Bags in One

Bellroy’s new bag is the Venture Travel Pack, a travel-focused version of its versatile Venture Ready Pack. The carry-on bag is packed to the brim (no pun intended) with features that make it perfect for travelers, which I’ll get into in a minute. But first, let’s talk about what I consider to be this bag’s flagship feature.

Hidden away in its own dedicated pocket on the front of the bag is a separate, lightweight tote bag. This second bag securely zips shut and has a 15L capacity, making it perfect for stocking up on snacks, drinks, magazines, travel accessories and whatever else you find yourself needing to pick up once you’ve made it through airport security.

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