There are plenty of studies out there touting just how important it is for humans to spend around water. It makes us calmer, more creative, and all around better people. But why spend time around any old water source when you can spend the day next to the bluest water in the world?

To help people find the bluest waters, CV Villas collected unfiltered Google map images of 200 beaches around the globe, then analyzed them to show their RGB color code and cross-referenced that with the color code of the certified bluest shade of blue, YInMn Blue, which was discovered by scientists at Oregon State University in 2009.

After doing all that homework, the team found that Pasqyra Beach (Mirror Beach) in Albania has the bluest water in the world. 

“Pasqyra Beach claims the top spot, with its sea being just 12.4 points off the YInMn Blue shade,” the company shared in the findings provided to Travel + Leisure. “Known around the world as ‘Mirror Beach,’ it is considered to be a highlight of the Albanian coastline when the sunlight hits the surface of the sea, creating a mirror-like effect.” 

The beach sits at the southern end of the nation, just across the way from the Greek island of Corfu, and nestled between large rock formations that help to protect it from the wind. Because of its semi-remote location, the beach only has one restaurant and bar, but that’s more than enough to make for a fantastic beach day. And though it takes a little effort to get there, this beach is far from a hidden gem, so do expect crowds if you visit. But again, all that is worth it to set your sights on the bluest waters anywhere. 

Joining Pasqyra Beach on the list of bluest waters is Paralia Mpouka (Long Beach) in Greece in second, sitting just 13.6 points away from YInMn Blue,  followed by Kassiopi in Greece in third at just 14.1 points away. They are joined by Plage de la Vernette in France, and Kaputas Beach in Turkey, rounding out the top five. 

According to CV Villas, seven out of the top 30 locations for the bluest waters in the world belonged to Greece, including the two already mentioned, Crete’s Voulisma Beach, Foki Beach in Kefalonia, Omprogialos also in Crete, Antisamos in Kefalonia, and Dafnoudi Beach. The moral of the story is if you want to see some seriously blue water, book a flight to Albania and Greece ASAP. See more at

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