First Look At the Ritz-Carlton Residences Riviera Maya

In a post-pandemic world, the leading hotel companies have expanded their branded residences portfolios with homes in some of the most coveted destinations. Later this year, Ritz-Carlton’s newest residential project, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Riviera Maya, will begin construction on the first phase of a development on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. The community, which is expected to open in 2026, will feature 127 furnished residences (with prices starting from $1.8 million), and will also include a 300-room hotel with a spa and Kids Club.

Endless Cruise Sets Sail for First 15 Years

The Love Boat notwithstanding, most cruise enthusiasts expect to live on land again at some point. But on May 30, the Villa Vie set sail from Belfast, Northern Ireland, for marathon voyage that could last up to 15 years. Marketing itself as the world’s ‘first endless cruise‘, the vessel’s inaugural itinerary will visit 425 destinations over three and a half years—all in a warm climate. Passengers can book trips for 35 to 120 days, or they can rent a cabin for one or three years. For those who want to go the distance, beginning at $99,000, passengers can buy an inside cabin for the life of the voyage. (Outdoor cabins cost $149,000 and those who want a balcony will pay $249,000.) And should some ambitious folks want to sail beyond the 15-year life of the Villa Vie, for $299,000 they can transfer to a cabin on a newly refurbished ship.

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The Ultimate Tuscan Road Trip for Wine Lovers

Pisa may be renowned for its leaning tower, but it’s also the gateway to one of Italy’s newest DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) wine appellations. For those who want to take a road trip through the region, many Tuscan wineries have charming, rustic estates where visitors can spend the night after a day of wine tastings. Here are 10 vineyards in Pisa that welcome guests.


Want to visit a country that has a strong tourism economy? According to a new report by the World Economic Forum, the United States has the strongest economy for tourism based on several factors, including airports and ports, natural and cultural resources, safety and security, price competitiveness and an openness to tourism. Spain ranks second in 2024 and Japan rounds out the top three.

5 Gorgeous Hotel Pools Worth Traveling For

If having a pool day—or week—is a vacation priority, here are five of the most beautiful hotel swimming pools worth the trip alone. From a dramatic rock-lined pool in Saudi Arabia to one overlooking rapids in Uganda, these splashy settings are all Instagram-worthy.

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