Iceland-Spain eclipse in 2026

Feeling FOMO from not traveling for the Great Texas-Indiana Eclipse of 2024? Yeah, we know. Then it’s not too soon to daydream about the next total solar eclipse, coming to Iceland and Spain on Aug. 12, 2026. It makes for a tantalizing choice for travelers.

Around 5 p.m. GMT, the zone of totality will fall across western Iceland, including the acclaimed, remote Snaefellsnes Peninsula and the Reykjavik region, with more than two minutes of blackout. Then the moon’s shadow crosses to northern Spain, on a swath between Barcelona and Madrid, for almost two minutes of totality. It ends near sunset over the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, etc.). Eastern Greenland, far northern Russia and a sliver of Portugal will also get in on the total darkness.

Grand Marais, Minn., will see about 6% of the sun eclipsed that day; Minneapolis will see only 0.49%. The next TSEs to be visible in the continental U.S.? Set reminders for Aug. 23, 2044, and Aug. 12, 2045.

Simon Peter Groebner

Airbnb updates cancellation policy

Airbnb is updating its Extenuating Circumstances Policy, including renaming it the Major Disruptive Events Policy. Under this updated cancellation policy, guests can cancel reservations and receive refunds in cases of “foreseeable weather events,” such as hurricanes, that would result in another covered event occurring, such as large-scale utility outages. According to Travel + Leisure, the policy already applies to other unexpected major events, such as declared public health emergencies, including epidemics, but excluding COVID-19. This revised policy, which will go into effect on June 6, overrides individual hosts’ own cancellation policies. This updated policy also applies to mid-trip cancellations, so travelers can receive refunds for the unused portion of their stays in the event of a covered cancellation.


Sammy Hagar in Vegas

Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar is setting up Sammy’s Island at the Palms Pool in Las Vegas, opening May 17. Its signature party platform is the island in the middle of the deck, encircled by pools, cabanas and revelers on deck chairs. Such hits as “I Can’t Drive 55,” “Right Now,” and “Why Can’t This Be Love” will emanate from the spot. Sammy’s Island is essentially Hagar’s famously free-spirited personality adapted to Vegas. The Palms Pool’s tropical vibe fits the Captain of Cabo Wabo’s general concept to build a rock-party oasis similar to his buoyant beachside birthday parties. “I’m not a big planner. I’m a big thinker. So I just started thinking, let’s build something with a Cabo Wabo theme, and have everything I would ever want in one place,” Hagar said. “So we created that.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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